Ceiling Fan Installation

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recessed lighting, ceiling fan, electrician orange beachInstalling a ceiling fan is not always as simple as one would think. You must keep in mind that you're going to have to climb a ladder. Also there's the ever present danger of electrical shock. That's why we recommend you hire a professional to install your ceiling fan in the Orange Beach Alabama area.

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for safety's sake. Some areas require an electrical permit. Don't skip steps thinking you can work your way around acceptable building codes and electrical codes.

When installed, make sure your fan blade is at least 30 in from the walls or other obstructions. The bottom edges of your fan should be more than 7 feet above the floor.

It's always important to start with first things colon turn the power off to the existing fan or light. start at the fuse box circuit breaker box. And experienced electrician will use a circuit tester to verify that everything is Indy turned off.

Check the electrical box that is installed in your ceiling. Remember it was only holding a light before. Is it certified to hold up a ceiling fan? Poor installation techniques can lead to a wobbling fan or it can literally fall when homeowners install them in correctly!

The electrical box must be securely attached to the joist above. You must make sure that the electrical box is grounded. Hiring a certified electrician will ensure that everything is hooked up correctly, and it doesn't become a safety hazard for your family.

McChord electric will quite often install an expandable ceiling fan hanger bar and electrical box. We can gain access to the ceiling joist without causing much damage to your sheetrock. Call now for a free estimate on installing a ceiling fan in your home.

Our experienced technicians can usually install the fan in under an hour, but adding extra switches for light kits or bringing the wiring up to codes will make that estimate vary.

McCord Electric Service Arrives Ready to Work in Orange Beach

In most cases, we send out our electricians arrive ready to work, even if your appointment is just an estimate.

If you\'re confident with our team and the price quoted, you can decide to go ahead and complete the work right then. If special equipment and fixtures need to be ordered, we will start that process, too.

Since electrical is our business, our service vehicles carry the latest in technology and diagnostic devices, the best time-tested tools and equipment of our trade, and the electrical repair parts we use all of the time.

We restock daily to make sure we arrive fully-equipped and ready to meet your project head-on. Even if you decide on a major installation, our technicians have everything they need to get the work started.