Electrical Troubleshooting and Repairs

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Orange Beach AL electrical contractor

Orange Beach AL electrical contractor

McCord Electrical Services of Orange Beach, AL offers many services from recessed lighting installation to installing flat screen TV. But our most requested call for both residential and commercial electrical service is troubleshooting wiring problems and general electrical repairs.

Electrical Wiring, Switches, and Outlet Damage Caused by Thunderstorms in Orange Beach

The Orange Beach area is susceptible to afternoon thunderstorms. When the storm blows through, we get a lot of calls because appliances and electrical lighting stops working. We're not talking about to the whole house. We're talking about along certain circuits.

So we send a crew out to test the electrical outlets and fixtures to find out what the problem is. Sometimes it's just a blown circuit breaker. Sometimes a circuit breaker must be replaced.

Electrical Panel and Whole House Wiring

Whole house rewiring is one of our biggest jobs. The electrical wiring in your home does not last forever. The demands that appliances place on your system takes it's wear and tear. Circuit breakers begin to pop, the amperage for the box is not enough, sparks fly when you plug a code into an outlet.

Old wires hidden in walls can become a safety hazard. In older homes wiring becomes frayed and it's time for it to be completely replaced. You should schedule a whole house inspection every few years or before you buy a home that is more than a decade old.

Electrical Testing Equipment Required

Troubleshooting problems with electrical wiring, outlets, and electrical switches requires certain equipment. It also requires training because remember you are handling electricity. Our skilled technicians know how to isolate the problem and make the fix is quick and for the lowest possible cost. Don't delay, call us now.

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McCord Electric Service Arrives Ready to Work in Orange Beach

In most cases, we send out our electricians arrive ready to work, even if your appointment is just an estimate.

If you\'re confident with our team and the price quoted, you can decide to go ahead and complete the work right then. If special equipment and fixtures need to be ordered, we will start that process, too.

Since electrical is our business, our service vehicles carry the latest in technology and diagnostic devices, the best time-tested tools and equipment of our trade, and the electrical repair parts we use all of the time.

We restock daily to make sure we arrive fully-equipped and ready to meet your project head-on. Even if you decide on a major installation, our technicians have everything they need to get the work started.