Electrical Outlets and Switches

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Orange Beach AL electrical outlets and switchesAre you searching for an electrician in Orange Beach area to replace or install extra outlets and switches? Then look no further! McCord electric service is your guy. Call today.

As your needs grow you need you possibly want to add more switches and electrical outlets. For instance if you've just installed a new ceiling fan in your house, you may need extra switches to turn on the lights and the fan separately, and you may need to make it a three-way switch so that you don't have to walk across the room every time you want to make a change.

Always Hire a Licensed Electrician to Install Outlets and Switches

It is important that you have the right person making such important repairs and installation work on your home. Remember this is electricity after all. Electricity can cause harmful if not deadly shock hazards, and fires will often start because of improperly installed electrical wiring and appliances. The fact that you hired a licensed electrician in the Orange Beach area to install yours shows that you take this issue seriously. Especially if you are a condo owner. You will be having paid guests stay on your property and anything you can do to mitigate the potential for hazard should be done.

Remodeling Electrician Orange Beach

Are you considering remodelling your home or condo that will require electrical upgrades? Relocating appliances such as dishwashers will require rerouting the electrical lines that run to them.

We offer flexible scheduling, including nights and weekends. Our electricians can show up whenever your contractor need us. This will allow you to save a lot of time and money on home Improvement jobs.

It's good to know that our consumer services such as installing and repairing electrical outlets and switches are one hundred percent guaranteed to your satisfaction. In Orange Beach Alabama and Southern Baldwin County, call us now to schedule a free estimate.

Do It Yourself Electrical Outlet and Switch Installation

You have probably thought about installing outlets and switches yourself. Whenever you are installing electrical appliances and outlets, safety should be your first concern. Do-it-yourselfers will often take on the task trying to save money. However, when it is discovered electrical wiring is done improperly, and that walls will have to be torn out again, potential savings vanish?

Condominium and Home Pre Purchase Electrical Inspection

Condominiums and homes in Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Foley, and South Baldwin County are often sold and buyers request a full electrical inspection. An inspection may turn up electrical issues. This could cause the sale to fall through.

That's why all electrical work should be done by a certified, licensed electrician like those at McCord Electrical Services. We are up to date on the latest National building codes and electrical codes. Remember that a subpar electrical job will cost you both time and money in the end. In some cases it can cause extensive property damage and loss of life.

McCord Electric Service Arrives Ready to Work in Orange Beach

In most cases, we send out our electricians arrive ready to work, even if your appointment is just an estimate.

If you\'re confident with our team and the price quoted, you can decide to go ahead and complete the work right then. If special equipment and fixtures need to be ordered, we will start that process, too.

Since electrical is our business, our service vehicles carry the latest in technology and diagnostic devices, the best time-tested tools and equipment of our trade, and the electrical repair parts we use all of the time.

We restock daily to make sure we arrive fully-equipped and ready to meet your project head-on. Even if you decide on a major installation, our technicians have everything they need to get the work started.