Electrical Panels and Surge Protection

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Electrical Panels Orange BeachWe hope you will choose McCord Electrical Service to repair or upgrade the electrical panel in your home or business. Electrical panels provide protective fuses or circuit breakers that control electricity through out your structure.

These sheet metal enclosures typically have two columns that are accessible from the front. In the electrical panel are circuit breakers. These circuit breakers trip Whenever there is a ground in the system. From time to time circuit breakers have to be replaced.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace an Electrical Circuit Panel?

The cost to upgrade a circuit panel vary widely. It depends on many factors including location, amperage and number of circuits. Does your home or commercial building require new wiring to meet electrical codes?

Many homes upgrade from a 100 amp to a 150 amp or two hundred amp circuit breaker panels. Call McChord Electrical Service today at 251-223-9495 for a free estimate to nail down the cost of replacing your electrical panel.

Electrical Panels and Circuit Breakers Save Lives

It is estimated that 200 people a year die from household electrocutions. Single circuit breaker, one of those black switches in the circuit box, controls the flow to a specific outlet or set of outlets and is meant to protect homeowners from surges and current overloads.

A surge of electricity occurs when there's a beat a brief spike in your home's electrical circuit. It can occur whenever large appliances such as air conditioners turn on. It can also occur due to nearby lightning strikes.

This can cause an overload of the circuit when more amperage travels across the circuit than the wire can safely handle. A common circuit would be to carry 15 amps and should be protected by a 15 amp circuit breaker.

A common do-it-yourself error is when a wire meant to carry 15 amps is connected to a larger 20 amp breaker. It then allows 20 amps of electricity to travel across a wire that is only designed to handle 15 amps. This can result in damaged appliances, a fire, or electrical shock.

In order to prevent and the electrical fire, a circuit breaker is made to trip, cutting off the circuit, and preventing excessive heat that could lead to a fire. When you inspect your circuit breaker panel, you may find a circuit breaker has been switched to the off position. This could occur because of the power surge, a current overload, or it was manually turned off.

Hire a Certified, Licensed Electrician for All Electrical Work

More than 4,000 injuries occur in addition to the deaths because of electricity. That's why it is important to contact a certified electrician to do this type of work for you. It is just too dangerous!

Call McChord electrical service now for a free estimate on residential and commercial circuit breakers panels in the Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Foley, and South Baldwin County area.

Whole House Surge Protectors

You may want to think about installing a whole house surge protector to protect expensive appliances and electronics in your home or condominium. Electrical surges are spikes in the voltage entering your home. This can burn out motors and computer circuit boards.

These electrical spikes can be caused by your power company, electrical problems inside your home, or lightning strikes.

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In most cases, we send out our electricians arrive ready to work, even if your appointment is just an estimate.

If you\'re confident with our team and the price quoted, you can decide to go ahead and complete the work right then. If special equipment and fixtures need to be ordered, we will start that process, too.

Since electrical is our business, our service vehicles carry the latest in technology and diagnostic devices, the best time-tested tools and equipment of our trade, and the electrical repair parts we use all of the time.

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