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Let McCord Electric of Orange Beach AL be “my guy” for all your electrical repair and installation needs. Put Marty's name in your phone if you own a condo, home, rental property, or restaurant.

He and his team are the ones you can count on every time. Our electricians get there fast, make only the needed the repairs, and do the job “right the first time”. Check McCord Electric's Google reviews and you'll see that you will never get ripped you off because you were in a pinch.

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McCord Electric Service LLC provides a comprehensive range of electrical services that cater to both residential and commercial needs, ensuring that their customers enjoy comfort, security, and convenience. Their expertise includes the installation of ceiling fans, a must-have for homeowners looking to enhance airflow and reduce energy costs. The company also excels in electrical troubleshooting and repairs, addressing common issues like flickering lights or tripped circuit breakers, which not only improves safety but also the functionality of the electrical system.

Furthermore, McCord Electric’s proficiency extends to the installation of electrical outlets, switches, and panels, which are integral to a building's electrical infrastructure. Upgrading these components can lead to increased electrical efficiency and safety. In addition to these services, they are adept at installing generators, a critical service for maintaining power during outages, thereby protecting food, medical supplies, and ensuring that life-saving medical devices continue to operate.

Their specialization does not end there; McCord Electric is also skilled in setting up recessed lighting that can transform the ambiance of a space, as well as security systems that protect properties and provide peace of mind. The ability to control these systems remotely offers an added layer of convenience and modernization for homeowners and business operators alike.

By choosing McCord Electric, customers are assured of reliable service that prioritizes their electrical needs, ensuring that their properties are equipped to handle modern electrical demands with ease and efficiency. Our company’s commitment to providing fast service and free estimates, along with their goal of building lasting customer relationships, sets them apart as a trusted electrician in the Orange Beach area. We cover Foley and Gulf Shores, too.

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What McCord ElectricDoes

Meet Marty McCord

His neighbors rely on the 30 years of experience Marty brings to every electrical job. His "down home" style makes clients feel like friends. Trust Marty to make everything, rewiring to back-up generators, understandable.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting can be installed in almost any type of ceiling. Our experienced technicians know how to install these lights and finished ceilings with no overhead access.

Electric Panel

Circuit breakers have to be replaced. If your home built before 1990, you should make sure your electrical panel can handle the large amperage loads. We rewire homes and condos, too.

Safety First

Don't disk injury or worse. Exposure to high voltage can result in burns to the skin and cardiac arrest. Hire an experienced, licensed, and insured electrician to install lighting, fans, and more.

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Appliance Hookups by McCord Electric in Orange Beach, Alabama

McCord Electric in Orange Beach, AL, emphasizes that it is safer and more efficient for a professional electrician, like those on its experienced team, to handle appliance hookups and installations. The company also offers services for relocating existing appliances, noting that professional services can prolong an appliance’s lifespan.

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McCord Electric: Expert Switch/Outlet Repair in Orange Beach, AL

Why Choose McCord Electric for Your Switch/Outlet Repair? When it comes to getting your electrical switches and outlets repaired in Orange Beach, AL, McCord Electric offers excellent service backed by vast experience. By choosing our services, you are opting for quality workmanship, professional expertise, and a safe, long-lasting solution to…

McCord Electric: Top-Rated Wiring Services in Gulf Shores, AL

McCord Electric is a top-rated electrical service provider in Gulf Shores, Alabama, known for its dependable and superior service quality in residential and commercial electrical work, including wiring installation, maintenance, and repair. With a priority in client satisfaction, McCord offers safe, reliable, and efficient services through its team of licensed, bonded, and insured electricians who have years of industry experience and rigorous training.

24/7 Electrical Service

LED Lighting

Lower your cooling bills by replacing incandescent lighting with this amazing energy efficient and beautiful lighting technology.

Commercial Electrician

Baldwin County can trust our crew making fast work of installation and maintenance of electrical devices in commercial buildings at the best prices.

Residential Electrician

Homeowners call us for installation of backup generators. Residential contractors trust us for wiring new construction. Call now for a free quote.