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Top 5 Indications Your Orange Beach, AL Home Requires an Electrical Upgrade by McCord Electric

The indispensable role of electricity in modern day living cannot be overemphasized. From lighting to powering appliances, we rely heavily on power to make our homes functional and comfortable. However, given the evolution of technology and ever-increasing demands, old wiring and electrical systems can often prove insufficient and even hazardous. In Orange Beach, Alabama, McCord Electric comes in to help you accurately identify these problems. But what are the signs to look out for that indicate your home may need an electrical upgrade?

1. Constantly Tripping Circuit Breakers

A persistently tripping circuit breaker is more than just a minor inconvenience. This could mean your current electrical system is overloaded and can no longer comfortably supply the power needed for modern appliances and electronics. Replacing or upgrading the circuit breaker might be the best solution to protect your system from potential electrical fires.

2. Your Home is Over 20 Years Old

Older homes are more prone to electrical challenges due to obsolescence and wear and tear of the wiring over time. This situation can lead to electrical failure or other potentially dangerous situations like shocks and fires. McCord Electric will conduct a thorough analysis of your electrical system, giving you peace of mind and securing your property.

3. Flickering or Dimming Lights

Lights that consistently flicker or dim, even when other devices aren’t in use, is a clear sign that your electrical system is under stress. This usually happens when the demand for power exceeds the capacity of the current electrical system.

4. You Rely Heavily on Extension Cords

Extension cords should only serve as temporary solutions. If you rely on them for everyday use, this is a sure sign that your home lacks adequate outlets and could use an upgrade. Overusing extension cords increases the risks of shocks, shorts, and even fires.

5. Frequent Electrical Shocks

If you receive mild shocks when unplugging devices or switches, it’s time to start considering an electrical upgrade. This could be a signal that the electrical grounding is not done correctly or there’s a problem with your electrical wiring.

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Your home’s electrical safety and efficiency should never be compromised. These signs are clear indications that your home may require significant electrical upgrades. Contact McCord Electric in Orange Beach, AL, today to schedule a home electrical inspection and keep your home safe and adequately powered.